Munilla route

Munilla – Peña Portillo – Barranco de la Canal

Munilla is a treasure trove for fossilized dinosaur tracks. They are spread over two areas, divided by the San Vicente Fault.

  • One cluster of tracks is found north of San Vicente village on a rock surface that is difficult to access.
  • The other group of fossils is found around Munilla, where it is possible to see two sites:  Umbría del Portillo boasts imprints of medium to large-sized iguanodontids and one huge greenish-gray surface area covered with various fossil tracks left by theropods.  La Canal is the second site, close by Umbría del Portillo and featuring one very long trail left by a single iguanodontid. The imprints are very big, perhaps because the animal was walking slowly and taking short strides. 

In the Aidillo Ravine near Munilla (very close to the mouth of the Exquerra Ravine), we find the rock surface revealing 34 fossil tracks and two trails of theropods and ornithopods that form the Malvaciervo site.

West of Munilla is the Las Mortajeras site, located in the wilderness area of the same name. We can observe theropod tracks in quite good condition there.

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