Las Mortajeras site


Close to Munilla. This is an Aptian period site  located in the wilderness area of Las Mortjeras to the west of Munilla. The excellent state of preservation of these fossil tracks, which look very much alike, is particularly noteworthy. They are grouped into 31 trails and 90 separate imprints.  Theropods were responsible for leaving most of them.

The various “trails” allow us to imagine the path these animals were taking in an area that was far different from what we see around us today.  Tropical vegetation and swampy lagoons surely inundated these areas of La Rioja and these fantastic creatures were making their way through them hundreds of millions of years ago.

We can see in the trails how some theropods were in more of a hurry, while others were bigger. Some fossil tracks tell us that they had very sharp claws, while others moved at a slower pace.  These creatures were undoubtedly living in a place where they could find abundant quantities of food and water, and, as fate would have it, left behind an imprint of their paths, to be found by those later inhabiting these areas. 

These were theropod dinosaurs, some of them carnosaurs. The trails allow us to see the movements of these animals around the area.

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