Las Losas site


This Aptian site is located on the upper reaches of the Cidacos River, one kilometer from Enciso and alongside the Soria road. The site covers 500 square meters and features a huge number of imprints: 375 dinosaur tracks, probably by theropods, grouped into 59 trails. The site enables us to see that some trails go in the same direction, and even that two of them were moving at the same speed. There is one group of tracks, left by three theropods that also moved at the same speed, yet one seems to have reversed direction, as if it turned around. Does this suggest they were a group of theropods?  Even though it hardly be put on the scientific record, we can imagine a family group of theropods inhabiting some ponds here in La Rioja; one of them goes back to see something, or to eat and drink again, while the others keep moving, and at a faster pace - a scene typical of the era of the dinosaurs.

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