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ATAPUERCA DIGITAL is a project made by El Norte de Castilla supported by the MINISTERIO DE EDUCACIÓN, CULTURA Y DEPORTE 


Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte


El Norte de Castilla

Atapuerca Digital has to show the valuable archaeological heritage shared Castilla y Leon and La Rioja. The project focuses on two different historical periods , but whose remains we see in Burgos, Logroño and Soria: The fossil tracks left by dinosaurs us through the Sierra de la Cebollera, a territory in the three provinces and that makes 120,000,000 years, you were a vast lake area to which the dinosaurs came to feed. His footsteps were imprinted on earth, by a series of extraordinary circumstances have come to light thousands of years later to know how the Earth was at that time so remote.

We give a big jump in time, we traveled to Atapuerca  in the Sierra de la Demanda, a little north of the Sistema Ibérico. There, 1,200,000 years ago lived a community of human beings. These first Europeans took refuge in the Sierra de Atapuerca , whose forests and caves offered them a perfect haven to live . Atapuerca site show, each new excavation season, new findings about our ancestors.


We thank the following organizations in developing this information:

  • Fundación Atapuerca
  • Museo de Salas de los Infantes
  • Diputación de Soria
  • Turismo de La Rioja


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