San Vicente de Robres site

Robres del Castillo

In Robres del Castillo, a rock surface lies between the Hayedo ravine and the path from Jubera to San Vicente. Here we find 106 fossil tracks, 19 of them separate and the rest forming seven trails.

Two tracks can be attributed to ornithopods and the remaining five to theropods. One of the theropod footprints was made by a coelurosaurian, the other four by carnosaurs.  There are more tracks that could not be identified. They could belong to some plantigrade (flat-footed) animal or perhaps some theropod whose track left an incomplete impression.    

Of the separate tracks, three were produced by theropods and five by ornithopods. There is also a cluster of tracks with rounded edges that have not yet been identified or divided into groups.  

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