Peñaportillo site

Village area of Munilla

The wilderness area of Peñaportillo near Munilla is home to this site, on the path that connects the village with Los Cabezos.  A group of 72 tracks can be observed, leading to the conclusion that a shallow pool must have existed here that enabled the dinosaurs to leave their tracks for posterity. The fossil tracks are grouped together into seven trails.

Six imprints were made by a slow-moving theropod. Another six tracks belong to another theropod who moved at a more rapid pace. Particularly noteworthy is a trail of 17 excellently preserved tracks that completely crosses the site, made by a slow moving theropod. There is one group of three trails going in the same direction: 36 impressions in three routes headed the same way. They are made by three small theropods that were probably walking together.

Other remains are impossible to identify, like the trail formed by seven fossil tracks. We can see the track left by the animal's tail, and that it walked slowly. Some remains of carnivores can be observed there. While small in size, they are extraordinarily clear and well-defined. It is, without a doubt, one of the most impressive collections of fossil tracks found  in the region.

This site is undoubtedly one of the places where visitors can most enjoy observing the tracks, since the clarity of the footprints, the various kinds of tracks, and the surrounding landscape combine to create an incomparable setting. 

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