San Babiles site

Soto - Cameros

This site is found in the village of Soto en Cameros. It dates from 120 million years ago, as the signs will indicate on your visit.

The first site is on the path from Soto to Cenzano, which runs the entire length of the impressive Leza River canyon. We can view 53 tracks there, 30 attributed to theropods, 14 to ornithopods and nine remain unknown. 

There is a second site at Peña La Mora. The unique aspect of this site is that the tracks were made by a pack of sauropods who protected their young as they moved by surrounding them.

Giving our imagination free rein, we can go back in time and imagine how a group of impressive sauropods (their elongated neck and enormous body is the image we most associate with dinosaurs) eating placidly in these lands, allowing their young to stand in the center of the group so they could eat their food more safely. Perhaps a female sauropod encouraged its baby to finish its feast. Their tracks have survived for 120 million years, allowing us to contemplate them today.

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