San Martín site

Santa Engracia de Jubera

This is one of several rock surfaces in Santa Engracia de Jubera. One site is found on the path from Las Dehesillas to San Martín de Jubera. 18 shallow impressions possibly made by ornithopods or sauropods can be observed there. They appear to be from different animals, although some of these imprints in fact do form a group that enables us to perceive the footprint of a medium-sized sauropod, while others belong to the hands. There is another site between the path mentioned before and the San Martín ravine, where five of the seven tracks form a trail and the other two are separate. En route to the San Martín ravine, three tracks of a four-track sequence can be observed that could have been made by ornithopods. What would be the third track in the sequence is missing.

Along the side of the San Martín ravine bed, we can view 35 tracks that are not very well preserved, and make out four trails among them.  They came from a theropod but their state of preservation does not allow us to even speculate on the animal’s height, weight or speed.

Access to the site is difficult, especially in the colder months.

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