La sierra de Cameros route

Millions of years ago, this mountainous, deforested landscape was a great marshland with abundant water and swampy areas

Our starting point will be Soto en Cameros, where we can see the fossil sites of Soto, San Babiles and Trevijano. After traveling about five kilometers on regional road LR 250,  we reach Terroba, the town where the Camino de Treguajantes site is located.

In Terroba, we are close to the village of Hornillos de Cameros, 13 kilometers away, where the Hornillos fossil site is located.

Returning to the LR250 road going towards Jalón de Cameros, we continue past that town for another 10 kilometers to Cabezón de Cameros, home of the Valdemayor site.

Heading back on the LR 250 again, we return to Jalón de Cameros and turn on to the LR 245 regional road towards Muro de Cameros, where we can enjoy the De la Cela site.

We continue on the LR 245 until we take the N-111 national road heading to Villanueva de Cameros. Our route concludes at the El Encinar site in this town in La Rioja.

From Soto en Cameros, we can also go to Santa Engracia de Jubera and visit the San Martín site.  This site is the farthest away from Soto, a 33-kilometer drive  passing through Murillo de Río Leza on regional roads LR 250 and LR 261. Once we arrive in Santa Engracia, we can visit the San Martín site.

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