La Era del Peladillo site


Igea offer us the chance to become familiar with perhaps the greatest fossil track site discovered to date in La Rioja. Over 1,700 imprints makes La Era del Peladillo the leading site in Europe and third largest in the world in terms of quantity of tracks. All these tracks present a seemingly chaotic assortment of impressions to our eyes, at first. But, by focusing our attention we can recognize that this disorder is only superficial. We can play the intriguing game of trying to follow the steps of a single dinosaur, and it is then that we realize that we can, in fact, track the movement of each. If we compare them to our own footsteps, we can even get an idea of their sizes and the speed at which they walked. Another duck-billed dinosaur of the Hadrosaurid family was located in this area and, being described for the first time here, received the name of Hadrosaurchnoides igeensis.

The site extends over 2,100 square meters and is located approximately three kilometers from the center of Igea. It also features two dinosaur models to help the visitor understand the creatures better. One is a replica of a Baryonyx dinosaur standing three meters high and the other is a Hypsilophodon skeleton.  The Centro de Interpretación Paleontológica de La Rioja (La Rioja Paleontological Research Center) in Igea organizes guided tours (telephone, 94 119 4218 or by e-mail,

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