Árbol del Igea site


Igea became famous for the appearance of its fossilized tree, a very well-known object and one of the first discoveries that became popular in La Rioja. The fossilized trunk of a coniferous tree measuring 10 meters long was discovered across from the Virgen del Villar chapel four kilometers from Igea. It is one of the crown jewels of La Rioja’s paleontological treasure chest. It is estimated to be 120 million years old and came from a coniferous tree (pines, fir trees, etc). In that period the Cameros area was full of lakes, marshes and deltas, where vegetation flourished.  A large number of dinosaurs inhabited the land, as it offered a great amount of plant materials for their food.

This site features an educational and visual exhibition that, through various theme areas,  will transport the visitor on an exciting journey back in time, back to the distant geological origins of La Rioja.

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