From Burgos to Ibeas de Juarros

Routes to Atapuerca

We take the N-120 highway from Burgos and head towards Ibeas de Juarros. We can visit the Emiliano Aguirre Archaeological Resource Center and the Atapuerca Foundation headquarters there. Guided tours of the Atapuerca Mountains sites depart from there. The tours are conducted by bus to preserve the environment in the Atapuerca Mountains, and should be arranged in advance by calling 947 42 10 00 or 902 024 246. The tour goes by way of the Trinchera del Ferrocarril, an artificial pass built in the early 20th century that revealed the first remains. The bus drops travelers at the entrance to the excavations. They can visit the Sima del Elefante, La Galería and the Gran Dolina.  

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