Dehesa del Gallinero and El Royo route

From Almarza

Starting off from Almarza, we drive out to El Royo on regional road SO 820.  We can travel by private vehicle or public transportation.

The Dehesa del Gallinero site is located near Almarza itself and is accessible from the village on foot or private vehicle. The hiking route has an Intermediate difficulty rating. We can see tracks left by ornithopods and theropods at the site.

Theropods were carnivorous  and omnivorous predators. These fierce-looking creatures lived in the late Triassic and late Cretaceous periods. They were found on every continent and could reach 15 meters in length. The ornithopods could grow to measure anywhere from 1 to 15 meters long. They had thick lower legs that enabled them to walk and upper limbs that were much smaller. They lived in the early Jurassic and late Cretaceous periods, a very common species found on every continent.

The town of El Royo offers the chance to view the site bearing its name. We can go there on foot or by group transportation. The hiking route is rated as Low in difficulty. Ornithopod and theropod tracks can be seen there.

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