Santa Cristina site

Village area of Bretún

Found in the village of Bretún in Soria province. There are 32 tracks made by two theropods of very different sizes. These fossil tracks date back to from 145 to 140 million years, and the remains tell us that this part of Soria was a vast plain full of rivers, lakes and swampy areas. There are remains close to the sign that confirm the existence of a large body of salt water. These 32 tracks belong to two theropod dinosaurs. Six were made by a large theropod (calculated at approximately 5 meters long) and the other six to a smaller theropod only 85 or 95 centimeters long. Could they be a newborn and its parent? The tracks cannot answer that question for us, but we can let our imagination soar and imagine that, in the middle of a swampy zone with plentiful supplies of plants, water and game to eat and drink, that a theropod dinosaur and its young offspring inhabited this place, leaving their tracks here so that, 140 million years later, human beings would be able to learn about their existence. 

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