La Pedraja site

Mambrillas de Lara

This site is found in Membrillas de Lara and confirms the presence of sauropods, the enormous herbivorous dinosaurs, who inhabited these lands in present-day Burgos province between 128 and 114 million years ago.  A large number of fossil tracks are preserved here in a limited surface area. The tracks are well-defined and it is believed to be a place frequented by the dinosaurs to get food and water.

123 fossilized tracks by various types of dinosaurs have been recorded in a relatively small area in La Pedraja. Tracks were left by sauropods, theropods, and perhaps ornithopods. The most common are the sauropods, identifiable by the  impressions left by their huge feet and hands. The statue at the site is a reconstruction of this kind of dinosaur. The dinosaurs lived 144 million years ago in a tropical lake in what is today Burgos. Surely this area would be the muddy bank of a vast, shallow lake.  Algae grew on its banks and snails and other invertebrates lived there. They were the food for these formidable creatures who left their tracks while they were eating, leaving us with the vestiges of a remote past millions of years later. 

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